The Next 50 Fund

The Next50 Fund

The top fundraising priority for MCHS is to fully fund the Next50 Fund.

For over 50 years, MCHS has balanced an annual budget on its tuition, all while providing the highest quality primary Montessori education to generations of children. In each of our 50 years, our families have rallied around the needs of Montessori Children’s House and School, from a new building to a decade-long project of improving our playgrounds and enriching our outdoor environment.

The Next50 Fund ensures MCHS can continue to provide its authentic Montessori experience with the highest qualified staff in its beautiful, well-maintained environment for generations of MCHS students to come.

Thank You MCHS Community!

The Purpose of the Next50 Fund

As a tribute to our outstanding past, the MCHS Board of Directors has established the Next50 Fund, an unrestricted giving program, to support the future of MCHS through these primary focuses:

  • The MCHS Tuition Assistance program.
  • The annual operations in unforeseen times of need.
  • Funding short and long term plans.

How Much Should I Give and When Should I Give It?

The MCHS community, and others who value the importance of Montessori, are invited to make a contribution at any time. Every contribution, no matter the size, is important to our goal. MCHS can accept your donation for the Next50 Fund at any time of the year. Our donors have the option of making a single one-time donation, or scheduling a recurring donation. Recurring donations allow a donor to choose the amount, frequency and time frame of their giving.



Next50 Founders Circle:


The Christa Montague Fund

The Christa Montague Fund was established in the spring of 2020 as recognition to our beloved Head of School and her celebrating 25 years with MCHS. Funds earmarked for the Christa Montague Fund go towards annual projects Ms. Christa decides in conjunction with the MCHS Board of Directors.

Employer Matching Funds

Many companies support the philanthropy of their employees with a matching gift program. Please check with your employer to see if your company matches employee charitable contributions and if so, how to enroll in your company’s program and increase the power of your gift.

Appreciated Asset Donations

Stocks that have appreciated in value since their original purchase (after more than one year) may provide a donor additional tax savings when they are donated directly to a qualified charitable organization such as MCHS. Please contact your brokerage representative to learn more about whether donating stock is appropriate for your family.

The Next50 Fund Partner

The Next50 Fund is a nonprofit agency fund established with the Communities Foundations of Texas. For more about nonprofit agency funds or about CFT, please click on logo for more information.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

North Texas Giving Day: September 22, 2022
Happy Birthday, MCHS: November 2, 2022
End-of-Year Giving: December 1 – 31, 2022
MCHS Gala / Auction: Saturday, March 25, 2023