About Us

Founded in 1970, Montessori Children’s House and School (MCHS) is accredited by AMI and located on several acres of green, wooded land in the residential Lake Highlands neighborhood of Dallas, TX.

Our expansive grounds include two large playground areas, giant sandboxes and playground equipment specifically designed to develop different aspects of the child’s coordination and motor skills, all in lushly green, shaded outdoor areas.

Each classroom has its own landscaped courtyard that is designed to be an extension of the learning environment. The courtyards allow the children to take an active part in planting and maintaining the outdoor environment, as well as the chance simply to enjoy quiet contemplation of nature. Behind the school lies an expansive natural area lined with local foliage, shrubs, and trees which provide for memorable “field trips” in a young child’s mind.

There are four Montessori classrooms for children ages 3 to 6 years, as well as a Before and After Care (BAC) classroom and program. The student population is remarkably diverse, and the school enjoys strong international and cultural diversity amongst its families and staff.

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About MCHS

Montessori Children’s House and School is truly a place where children can learn about the world through active, self-directed experience and academic study—a place where the Montessori philosophy and approach to education is fully established.