The Home-School Connection

Montessori Classroom - Dallas

There are many ways parents can gain an understanding of their child’s school experience, as well as provide support to their child and create continuity between school and home.

New parents receive orientation to the school community and philosophy. In fact, MCHS has many educational events available to all parents throughout the year to provide opportunities to learn about the classroom experience, the Montessori philosophy, and incorporating Montessori at home.

There is also direct communication between the classroom guide and the parents. The guides contact parents of new students within a few weeks of the start of school to discuss the child’s transition into the classroom. Also, each semester, parents have conferences with their child’s classroom guide. Additionally, should parents have questions or concerns at any time during the year, they are encouraged to contact the guide or school administrator.

After November 1 of each year, parents are invited to schedule a thirty minute morning observation in their child’s classroom to observe their child working and interacting in his daily environment. Observations by parents of new, younger students are postponed until January, in order to give the children time to acclimate fully to their new environment.

Parent Volunteers

Volunteer opportunities include acting as Room Parent, sewing projects, designing and directing a class art activity, sharing a talent or knowledge with the children through a classroom presentation, working in the courtyards, reading with the older students, going shopping for the weekly school supplies, checking out books from the public library for classroom use, serving as a Parents Club Officer, and more.

Parents Club

The Parents Club serves as both a fundraising and social branch of the school. The Parents Club hosts events such as the annual Fall Festival, as well as the spring International Festival, which is a celebration of cultural diversity. The Parents Club also sponsors fundraisers, and the annual Parents Club Silent Auction is the school’s biggest money-raising event of the year. The funds raised have been used to make visible differences and improvements to the school.

Dads Club

The Dads Club specializes in social events for MCHS dads and their children. Events may include trips to sporting events, bowling, fishing, and the annual Dads Club Campout in the wooded area on the western side of our campus.